What to Expect During Personal Injury Litigation

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Filing personal injury claims in Illinois

For people unfamiliar with personal injury litigation in Illinois, the thought of filing a lawsuit and entering into injury litigation in Illinois can be a stressful one. This page assists the majority of such people, who are unfamiliar with injury litigation in Illinois, in order to help them better understand the process and manage their expectations.

This page is not meant to replace a consultation with an experienced Illinois personal injury lawyer. If you have more questions about injury litigation or injury settlement in Illinois, contact the Illinois injury lawyers at Sam C. Mitchell & Associates today.

Initial consultation and evaluation

During your initial consultation with a personal injury attorney, the attorney should evaluate the details of your case and advise you as to whether or not the case is worth the time, resources, and energy to pursue. If the attorney feels that legal procedures are warranted or a personal injury settlement in Illinois is possible, he or she should then recommend next steps.


Many personal injury cases and personal injury settlements in Illinois are handled without ever entering a courtroom. Lawyers for both parties frequently negotiate with one another in order to reach a mutually satisfactory Illinois personal injury settlement without the need for litigation.

However, if the attorneys cannot reach a settlement, the next step will be a lawsuit.

Court proceedings

If your lawsuit reaches trial, you attorney will represent you throughout the process. Once arguments are completed, a jury deliberates and decides whether or not the party you are suing is indeed responsible for your injuries and, if so, the amounts of compensation to which you are entitled.


Should you win your case, you may have a choice as to how to receive your award. It may usually be paid as a lump sum or through an installment plan.

Personal injury settlements in Illinois

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