Common Injuries from Auto Accidents In Illinois

Any injury you may suffer as a result of a car accident should be treated by a doctor. Some injuries may at first appear to be minor but could worsen if left untreated. You should seek medical attention immediately if you have any aches or pains resulting from an accident. In addition to treating your injuries, seeing a doctor provides you with medical records that may be valuable if you decide to pursue an auto accident lawsuit from an injury in Illinois.

Auto Accident Injury in Illinois

Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries of various degrees of severity. Here are some typical injuries:

  • Brain Injuries: These injuries occur from the force of another object hitting your head or the immediate deceleration and acceleration of the brain.
  • Upper limbs: Fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders can suffer lacerations, fractures, and broken bones as a result of collision impact. Pain may be permanent and physical therapy and surgery may be required.
  • Lower limbs: Legs, hips, feet, toes, ankles, and knees may be damaged in an automobile accident. Bones may be broken or fractured, nerves can be damaged, and surgery may be required as well as physical therapy.
  • Internal organs: The impact and speed of a collision can also damage internal organs. Kidneys, liver, spleen, stomach, heart, and lungs can be jostled, traumatized, and damaged during a crash. The ribcage and sternum can also be fractured or broken.
  • Neck injuries: The most common example of a neck injury in Illinois is whiplash. It is often caused by rear-ending accidents and results in damaged ligaments, nerves, and tissue limiting the victim’s movement of their neck and causing pain. While whiplash is often a temporary condition, it can also be permanent.

Getting injured can cause physical and emotional pain, but you should never have doubts about seeking legal advice. A trained Illinois auto accident injury litigator can help you win your claim and receive compensation for your medical bills.

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