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Reflecting on September 11th

With the 17th anniversary of 9/11 fast approaching, we here at Sam C. Mitchell & Associates want to take the time to honor those who lost their lives on this tragic day, as well as the members of the military who served our country in light of this historic event. Sam C. Mitchell

To help us reflect on the events of September 11, 2001, our attorney, Sam C. Mitchell wrote the following article:

We again approach that tragic September anniversary and are caused to reflect upon the perverse nature of some of those who share this small planet with us. We are also caused to reflect upon the importance of honor and duty in a dangerous world – to reassess and recall what it is that makes the America that we treasure, all that it is. We cannot dwell upon such considerations without marveling at the true genius contained in our founding documents as well as the greatness of our Founding Fathers, who being flawed mortals with all of the conflicts contained in the human heart, nonetheless, set those aside and dedicated all that they had and all that they ever would be to a plan – a course that would be guided by honor and with the certainty that love and compassion for their fellow man must be their primary touchstone – a course that, when applied over the decades has, by application even to many not then considered to be included, proven the absolute genius of their governing principles. They unerringly demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice their all for an enduring truth born of that compassion and the realization that without such dedication their grand plan would surely not endure the trials that were most certainly coming. Each of us, in our consideration of those lost brothers and sisters on September 11, as well as our men and women in uniform (both military and law enforcement) who continue to sacrifice their all in the preservation of our freedoms, should each and every day, humbly ask our God to bless this greatest of all repositories of freedom – God Bless America.

  • Attorney Sam C. Mitchell

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