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Recent Case Results Secured by Sam C. Mitchell & Associates

At Sam C. Mitchell & Associates, our team of experienced legal professionals is dedicated to defending the rights of clients throughout Illinois. From personal injury awards to workers’ compensation awards, our skilled lawyers have helped countless clients recover the maximum compensation they are entitled to. Below, we recap some of our law firm’s most recent victories:

  • Product Liability - $1,600,000: This case involved a truck seat heater that caused serious burns.
  • Auto Accident - $70,000: A gentleman from Buckner, IL was rear-ended on Route 14 in West City, IL and suffered injuries to his knees, neck, and chest.
  • Auto Accident - $100,000: A woman was violently rear-ended on Broadway Street in Mt. Vernon, IL while stopped at a stop light. She suffered injuries to her back and neck.
  • Auto Accident - $45,000: A West Frankfort, IL woman was involved in a collision on Interstate 57 that caused her vehicle to flip.
  • Auto Accident - $150,000: A Marion, IL farmer was traveling in a tractor on Route 13 when he was struck in the rear. The gentleman suffered serious injuries to his entire back.
  • Auto Accident - $95,000: A woman from Anna, IL was injured when the defendant swerved and collided with our client causing her vehicle to hit a guardrail.
  • Auto Accident - $360,000: A woman was rear-ended in West Frankfort when she was stopped due to a vehicle in front of her.
  • Auto Accident - $82,000: A nurse from Carterville, IL and her son were involved in a car accident when the defendant pulled out in front of our client, causing a T-bone collision.
  • Auto Accident - $100,000: A woman from Christopher, IL was involved in a T-bone collision when the defendant failed to yield to our client. She suffered injuries to her left shoulder, neck, and lower back.
  • Auto Accident - $250,000: Our client was a passenger when the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a telephone pole. She suffered serious injuries to her right shoulder.
  • Workers Compensation - $65,000: A man from Carbondale, IL suffered injuries to his right arm and right side of his back while on the job.

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